Holiday of purity and clarity Qing Ming

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Qing Ming Jie, a holiday of purity and clarity, is associated with the onset of bright and bright days. It was believed that on this day, yang and yin come to balance. The sky (yang) fertilizes the earth (yin), a new life is born.

On the day of Qing Ming, festively dressed people walk the streets with willow branches in their hands, fly kites. On this day, the Chinese since ancient times there is another tradition - to make walks through the first greenery.

Qing Ming is a celebration in honor of all the dead, it was also called the Feast of Cold Food and Pure Light. Visit the graves of the Chinese combined with walks, entertainment and games.

Nowadays, on the holiday of Qing Ming, they began to organize events in memory of the fallen revolutionaries and the fallen heroes. The holiday lasts more than one day, and state holidays last three days. The graves are put in order, sacrifices are made and funeral dinners are held.